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Gifting made simple


Download the app form Appstore and start sending gifts to your friend instantly!



On a Android phone? Just follow the link and download it now.


Gifting for Customer Care

Companies use Give for immediate customer care. Simply logon to the Give Gifting Portal; ad phone numbers, one on one or by the thousands, click send. The gifts are immediately delivered with your customized message and company logo.

Call to Action

Large scale mobilr gifting made simple. Incentify your customers and call them to action, drive traffic to stores, reward online surveys, boost television campaigns and offer immediate gifts to your customers!

Incentives and Thank You

The Give Gifting Catalogue offers a wide range of gifts from a cup of coffee to a helicopter ride over Stockholm. Come over for a cup of coffe or give us a call at +46769456600 and book a campaign!

Our customers

How companies use give

Customer Care Programs

Give delivers immediate gifts during conversations with your customers and brings customer relief and satisfaction.

Weather campaigns

Give can drive traffic to stores by inviting your customers to a cup of coffee seconds after it starts to rain!

Call to action in Television campaigns

Give can motivate customers to act immediately on television campaigns and deliver immediate rewards as customers sign up for a service or membership

Returning customers

A customer that made a purchase in your store may be gifted after the purchase and then later return to the store to collect the gift

Incentivize your customers

Gifting may be used to incentivice customers. Perhaps you give away dinner at a fancy restaurant when you get a new client at your real estate firm.

Celebrations and Birthdays

Write personal messages and deliver the gift with your company logo and personalised message to your employees or customers.

Survey Rewards

Simplified rewarding of those who answer questions, just send the gift automatically when the questions have been answered.

Reward Action

Gifting is a quick way to get customers to take action if promised an immediate reward.

Send a message with a gift

Real Estate companies, banks and insurance companies benefit from sending messages with a mobile giftcard, a personal message and the company logo

Companies love to give!

70% of all companies give and 52% of companies give giftcards and 85% prefer to get giftcards before other gifts!

Thank your customers

Thank your customers for choosing you and send them a non expected gift

Great immediate attention!

97% open a giftcard from Give. 95% are happy to do so and 85% prefer giftcards to other gifts! Make someone happy and send them a gift now!

Give reached a 208% funding through Funded by Me In December 2014 Give was presented to a crowd funding campaign at Funded By Me and reached 208% in less than 30 days.

Gifting made simple



Anyone can install the app on iTunes or Android and start sending gifts in minutes. Choose among a variety of gifts displayed in the app, only register the creditcard the first time you give and never again. Gifting with personal messages can then be made and delivered in less than 5 seconds!


Gifting Portal

Companies can sign up and login to the Give Gifting Portal and send gifts with personalized messages and your company logo one by one or by the thousands. The mobile giftcards are delivered instantly and you get the statistics on when people open their gifts and when they redeem them in a store.



The Give Gifting Portal can be seamlessly integrated with CRM systems, sales systems or customer support systems. Feel free to use our API to get full control over all gift sending, integrate to your own system or build a special gift sending processes.